The treatment and prognosis of coronavirus disease is largely dependent on patient's immunity. TCM can help patients strengthen their immunity. In the treatment of severe and critical cases, TCM can relieve clinical symptoms, shorten the course of treatment and reduce the incidence of complications. According to the latest statistics, over 90% of the confirmed cases in Hubei province adopted integrated treatment. The preliminary results of clinical research in Wuhan also show that the overall effect of integrated treatment is significantly better than that of western medicine alone.

Established in 1907, Hongjitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a product portfolio of 151 registered TCM patent drugs. Moreover, it can provide herbal concentrated granules, decoction pieces, Asini Corii Colla (donkey hide gelatin) and nutraceuticals. 10 of its products, including Huoxiang Zhengqi Shui, Fangfeng Tongsheng Wan, Angong Niuhuang Wan, Suhexiang Wan, Fufang Xiling Jiedu Pian. Fufang Xiling Jiedu Jiaonang, Qingfei Jiedu Heji, Jinbei Koufuye, Qingwen Jiedu Wan, Qipi Wan, have been listed among the recommended TCM products for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus disease by the National Health Commission of PRC and the Health Commission of Shandong province. Hongjitang is the designated TCM decoction manufacturer by the Health Committee of Jinan and Jinan TCM Administration. As part of a special project in the Science and Technology Development Plan of Jinan 2020, Jinbei Koufuye has been clinically used in the treatment of patients infected by COVID-19 and showed its efficacy.

As a Time-honored Brand, Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies and National High-tech Enterprise, Hongjitang is the only TCM manufacturer with a one-hundred-year history in Shandong, and Hongjitang TCM Culture is listed among intangible cultural heritages of the province. In 1914, Ejiao, one of Hongjitang’s key products, won the gold medal at the Shandong Goods Exhibition. The winning of gold medal at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, also worldwide the highest honor Ejiao products or even TCM products ever awarded, made it the first Chinese TCM product ever known to the world. And a century later, the First Class National Award for Science and Technology Progress for the development and industrialization of synthetic muscone in 2015 demonstrates Hongjitang’s R&D and innovation competence in the new era.