Shandong Hongjitang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. is originated from “Hongjitang”, which was established in 33rd year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu in Qing Dynasty by Mr.Yuejingyu in 1907.We are a large famous manufacturer and supplier of Chinese medicine, API and herbal extract in China, with more than 200 kinds of products in 11 dosage forms, and are devoted to the research and manufacturing of Traditional Chinese medicine, health products, herbal extracts and API.

The annual production capacity is:3.2 billion tablets, 1.2billion capsules, 180 million bottles of oral liquid, 60 million boxes of pill, 2 million sachets of granular, and 600 kilogram of dioctahedralsmectite.

Technical Advantages: Our new modern Chinese medical Industrial Zone cost 1 billion, and is built strictly as GMP requirement. Most of the equipment is imported from U.S.A. and European countries. We adopt the modern SAP management system, and realize automatically control for manufacture procedure and air conditioning. The material transportation and the warehouse take the professional controlling system, and realize the connection with the SAP system, which make the whole technique and equipment reach to the first-class level.

Innovation Advantages: We own the innovative research platform, including a provincial Technical Center, Food and Medicine Homology Research Center and Chinese Medical Quality Control Laboratory.

Brand Advantages: We are one of the TOP 50 Chinese Medical Enterprise, and are known as Shandong High-tech enterprise and Shandong provincial enterprise technological development center. “Hongjitang” is awarded as “China Time-honored Brand “by China Ministry of Commerce and “Chinese Famous Brand”. Hongjitang’s medical culture is listed in provincial intangible cultural heritage lists. Our health product, E’jiao, was awarded the Golden Prize in Panama International Fair hold in U.S.A, which is the oldest and the highest honor in Chinese Health Medical Industry.
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