In the aspect of choosing traditional Chinese medicine, Hongjitang owns its own base. Hongjitang adheres to her principles “Not fare high prices, but good material”. In the aspect of research, Hongjitang formulation is the medical heritage of thousands of years in china. In the process of manufacturing finished medicines, Hongjitang has never spared manpower. Every process has strict technical standards and requirements. The equipments and crafts are most advanced and it owns its “Distinguished expert committee” and invited domestic high-tech universities, famous professors of hospital to expand research development.

The prescription medicines of hongjitang are almost from Tongrentang which choose classical medical book, folk recipe and heirloom odd-ingredient prescriptions even form… [ MORE ]

Hongjitang man will continuously follow the principle of “No matter how much the cost is, no material shall be reduced;No matter how complicated the pro… [ MORE ]

Shandong Hongjitang Pharmaceutical Group always focuses on technical innovation and product development. Hongjitang tries to develop new technologies and new… [ MORE ]

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