The founder of Hongjitang is Mr Yue Jingyu, whose hometown was Zhejiang Province. To manage Chinese medicine, his ancestors immigrated to Beijing during the years of Emperor Kang Xi in Qing dynasty, and founded Tongrentang in Beijing. Based on “Yue Jia Lao Pu” which was founded by his ancestor, Yue Jingyu came to Jinan and set up drugstore during the years of Emperor Guang Xu in Qing dynasty. In February 1907, Yuejingyu raised silver, obtained the pharmacy management and the pharmacy was renamed “Hongjitang”. All the formulas were in accordance with that of Tongrentang, and Hongjitang was called “Hongjitang of Yue Jia Lao Pu”, while Beijing Tongrentang was called “Beijing Tongrentang of Yue Jia Lao Pu” then. In 1909, Hongjitang E’jiao factory which has unique formula and technology was established in No.54 Dongliushui road. There are five packaging ”Fu”,”Lu”,”Shou”,”Xi”,”Cai” and first-class E’jiao in that time is chosen tribute.
  • Panama International Fair“Excellent Gold Prize” in 1915.

  • Hongjitang was awared“China Time-honored”.

  • “Hongjitang”was registered Shandong famous brand.

  • In September 2009,Hongjitang Chinese Medical Culture was regarded as `Shandong Provincial Intangible Culture Heritage`.

  • Panama gold medal

  • Vice President Company of China Chinese Medicine Association

  • Chinese famous brand

  • “High-tech Enterprise` certificates

  • China Time-honored Brand

  • “China Time-honored Brand” certificates

  • Main business income top 100 of Chinese medicine industrial enterprises

  • Hongjitang Xiao’er Xiaoshi tablets was `Shandong Brand Product`

  • Synthetic muscone first-level certificate for national technical progress

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